The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ If you are searching for an amazing
love that will change your life,
take a look in the mirror.

You are the path to your own
garden of happiness.

Each day, have enough courage
to trust love and to move yourself
forward, towards its fullness.

Open your heart and mind to
paths of goodness and joy.
Cultivate a higher love with
seeds of compassion.

Fill your soul with the light of love,
until the shadows dissolve and there
is no darkness left to contain.

When there is more light,
storms pass quickly and
the rains become gentle kisses
that nourish and bring forth a smile.

What you choose to create
within each day,
is what determines everything.

Your love is your message
to the world,
make it beautiful and inspiring ~

~ Meno ~


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