The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Your life is like a butterfly,
it goes and flows through changes,
before it truly becomes beautiful.

Many pains must be released
from the core of your soul,
and fall like rain,
before the warmth of light
fills you with joy again.

We purge out anguish,
as our heart releases
it’s healing liquid love,
but the soul would have no rainbow,
if the eyes had no tears.

You are that beautiful piece of life,
that was waiting in eternity,
now, no longer missing,
you are present and part,
of the celestial dance,
that moves throughout all of existence.

You have come, not for a long time,
but enough time,
to be,
to feel,
to love,
to touch the deeper beauty,

Wake up,
move out of your sleep,
and open your wings of possibility.

Fly your loving spirit
into the heart of life,
and into all our hearts.

Fully embrace all that you are,
and can be ~

~ Meno ~


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