The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Happiness does not come
by you trying to live a life
without problems and challenges.

Such a life does not exist,
nor has it ever existed.

The secret to happiness,
is always going to be about your ability
to deal well with any issues
that may arise, and to convert
those issues into solutions,
that work well for yourself
and those around you.

Win/win should always be
the outcome to strive for,
within each solution.

We must also learn how to be strong
in life, so that nothing can disturb
our peace of mind.

What is dark and what is light,
exist side by side, together.
We have a choice within each passing
moment, as to which energy we feed.

Each day, we need to look at the
goodness and light that exists
and is present in everything,
and make that, the choice,
that we decide to follow.

It is by these everyday, conscious choices,
that we can make our optimism
and happiness,
come true ~

~ Meno ~


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