The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Many of us are lucky,
we have the ability to choose to
a large extent, the kind of reality
we want to surround ourselves with.

These days, we also have many tools
at our fingertips,
to help us grow in understanding.
We are fortunate to have such choices.

What we do with these precious
abilities and choices,
is what will end up defining us.

Will we make choices that promote
light and love, or those that add more
difficulty and extra burdens to life?

Life wants to promote more life,
in the easiest way possible.
Life doesn’t want to be difficult.

It is mostly by our actions
that we can in many instances, interfere
with what should be simple
and end up complicating it and making
things difficult.

By these actions, we can end up creating
situations that go against the spirit of love
and life.
Love is the energy in this world that is
here to promote life and well being.

When you approach life with an
attitude of “its all about me,”
you will set into motion an energy that
goes out, feeding a bigger energy,
that promotes a way of living that
says it’s a good idea that we should
be working against each other.

As we know, this energy has been
creeping into all levels of society.

Changes are coming, and we need to
make the right choices that will
support what is good for all of us,
together, as one human family.

It is the only way we will ever
evolve for the better ~

~ Meno ~


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