The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ As you live this day,
decide to make a difference.

Simple things like a kind smile,
a listening ear, a kind word,
or even a small act of caring,
can have a big impact
on somebody’s life.

As you live this day,
speak to every person you meet,
about things that can lift them higher.
Speak of happiness, prosperity,
health, love, and all the deeper things
that are truly important.

As you live this day,
decide to live with a smile,
be cheerful, decide to put aside
the mistakes of the past,
and move on towards the greater
things of tomorrow.

As you live this day,
overcome your worries,
decide to become stronger than
your fears, rise above any anger,
and decide to let happiness reign.

As you live this day,
have faith in yourself.
Be true to the best that is in you.
Think well of yourself and your
abilities to make a difference
towards others, towards yourself,
and towards the very life
that had faith in creating you ~

~ Meno ~


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