The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Each day,
you will come across barriers
that will change how life feels,
that will end up blocking you
from your own happiness.

There will be barriers that will
show up within you,
as well as those that are imposed
by others,
all of which you will need to overcome.

What is really important
to understand here,
is that all of these can be handled,
if only,
you put in the time needed
to use your intellect and all your
efforts to conquer these obstacles.

All you have to do is just start,
say yes to the effort,
say yes to change,
and just do it.

Always keep in your mind,
that at any given point,
it is possible to change things,
and begin to bring into your life
a more positive and favourable
outcome for yourself.

The difference between what is
possible and what is impossible will
largely depend upon your own
level of determination.

It doesn’t matter what you have been
doing up until now,
or even how things are going presently.

What matters now, is who you want to
be from this day forward,
and what choices you will make, right now,
that will move you into the new directions
that are going to bring you more of
those happy outcomes,
that you are searching for.

Get up and get out there!
Sing the song within your heart.
Do all that needs doing,
and never let yourself or
anyone else, shut you down ~

~ Meno ~


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