The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Today, fill your heart with courage,
take a deep breath, and take a stand.
Begin to design the life you want to
live, as best as you can.

Begin to take responsibility for
yourself and make yourself a promise
to never betray yourself and to never,
ever settle for less than your heart’s

Learn that negative feelings such as
anger, envy and resentment,
must be understood and redirected
or they will suffocate the life out of you,
and poison your world.

Learn that in order to achieve success,
you need direction, discipline,
and perseverance.

Realize and admit to yourself that you
can only go so far on your own,
and that you can’t do it all by yourself.
Be OK with seeking and risking
in asking others for help.

Learn that anything worth achieving is
worth working for, and that wishing for
something to happen is different than
working towards making it happen.

Learn that the only thing you must
truly fear is fear itself.
Begin to step right into, and through
your fears, because you know that
whatever happens, you can handle it.

By giving in to your fears, you are
actually giving up the right to live a life
as the real you.
Life will never be what you hoped,
nor will it ever feel right.

Today, put fear aside and open
your heart to life.
Trust and remain open to every
wonderful possibility that life
wants to fill you with.
You are here to be joined with all
that is beauty, light, life, and love.
Release, smile and jump in ~

~ Meno ~


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