The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ When you stop caring,
when you look away,
when you ignore the things that you
should do,
you have inflicted pain
upon the heart of this creation.

When you are indifferent,
you are living in a way
that is against the ways of life,
the ways of creativity,
abundance and love.

It is by living in an energy of intention,
action, passion, thoughtfulness,
and mindfulness,
that you will attract and create all forms
of goodness, inner beauty,
and a blissful spirit.

Life will always feel best to each of us
when it feels fulfilling and vibrant.

If you want this life to count for something,
then you must care enough,
to be willing to help yourself,
by becoming your highest version.

If you want this life to have purpose,
then simply care enough,
to help others
to rise to their highest self.

To reach your highest version,
simply begin to cultivate an appreciation,
a love and a deeper compassion,
for everything.

You will not understand, or see,
or experience life at its fullest,
if you don’t realize,
how you are connected to everything
and to everyone.

You matter so much to this life,
more than what you may think
or realize.

Your thoughts, your actions,
becoming all that you can be,
they not only affect you,
but everyone who is close to you,
and outward as well,
like a chain reaction.

The way you look at things
will determine most of your outcomes.

All of us must be extra careful then,
of what we tell ourselves.
Our inner stories are what will have
the most power over us,
and will determine what happens
within life and on this garden planet.

For the beauty in this life
and within this world to thrive,
we all need to check ourselves,
that the things we believe in,
and the actions we take,
are always compassionate, thoughtful
and life supporting ~

~ Meno ~


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