The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ We have all been afraid,
and lost something,
or someone we loved.

We don’t have to continue to hold on
to our fear and loss anymore.
We can bounce back from literally
anything if we choose to.

Don’t lose yourself as well.

Yes, you are truly valuable.
Yes, you are worth the effort,
the emotional labour,
that you will put forth,
to build yourself upwards
towards beauty, light,
and a greater love.

Life and the universe,
will support and get behind you,
as soon as you convert your readiness
and willingness,
into action.
Seize this moment and decide,
to take your life into your own hands
and force yourself,
to take a step forward,
no matter how small,
in the direction of healing,
in the direction of your dreams,
in the direction of your joy.

Start today.
Start right now.

It’s time to live from our desires
and imagination,
and not from our past ~

~ Meno ~


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