The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ In life, you will never really possess
or own anything.

Even the things and people you really
love can be taken away from you,
sometimes quickly, whether through
accident, uncontrollable circumstances
or through someone else’s decision,
other than your own.

The pain you feel after is very real,
and yes, you must feel and grow
through it,
but at some point,
you must learn a lesson
and then release it.

The lesson is that life is not static.

Life and people continue to change
on a daily basis, sometimes quickly
and sometimes slowly,
you may see some of it and some
you may not even notice.

Everything is forever changing.
People change their minds and
change their direction.
We can’t get stuck,
we have to allow and accept
the change.

We get caught in a false sense of
security, thinking that we will always
have those we love, right by our side.

What is meant to remain in your life,
will remain,
what needs to go, will go,
we need to give space to this reality
and we need to be good with it.

Our egos are very tricky,
and will create a desire to always
want to be in control,
this is mine, he/she is mine, etc.
Nothing is permanently yours,
everything is merely borrowed
for a time.

Life is ever-flowing and free,
and many times we must participate
and flow with what goes ~

~ Meno ~


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