The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Within each new day,
you will encounter various forms of energy.

All of life exists on energies,
and some of these energies
will play a greater role within your life.

Sometimes we wonder, why is it,
that we are attracting certain things
that are really not that good for us.

We wish certain aspects of our life
would change for the better,
yet, they don’t,
we keep getting what we don’t want.

The reason they have not changed
is rather simple,
its because, you, have not changed.

Different outcomes, require different

How you think and feel about things,
the things you do or don’t do,
what you say and how you say it,
what you focus on,
these are all ways that you express
your energy,
and that’s what will have the most
impact on what stays and goes
within your life.

Whatever it may be that you are
seeking to attract, you must first
align with that kind of energy.
Similar energies will seek each other out.
Goodness only wants more goodness.

Let’s say you wanted to attract good
people into your life,
people who are confident, generous,
non-judgmental, loving and kind.
It would be very unrealistic to expect
your desire to be manifested if you
are acting in nonconfident,
selfish, judgmental, or arrogant ways.
Your behaviour ends up repelling
what you are seeking.

You must first become, what it is
that you are seeking,
and as you do,
life will bring you more of the energy
of your choosing.

How your life will feel and be,
is largely determined by these
daily choices.
Choose differently, by first becoming
a better you,
and your life will change for the better ~

~ Meno ~


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