The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Why?
Why was it, that you slowly disconnected
from my heart, when my heart rejoiced
in giving all of itself, to you.

Why were you always looking for conflict,
when all I wanted was to pour and fill you
with all the love, that could possibly be imagined.

Why was your faith in us
never satisfied,
and your restlessness grew
until we were no more.

Why did my heart break into a million pieces,
each piece slowly torn in two,
over and over,
and then burned,
leaving me with a heart of ashes.

Why didn’t I love myself enough,
so that I could have helped to prevent myself,
from such suffering.

Why was I so attached,
that I let someone manipulate me,
and then let their rejection
consume my soul.

Why did I still think of you,
it was hard to dismiss you,
like you were a part of my body.

Now I know,
that it was necessary for you to go,
so that all that I could possibly be,
could rise from the ashes,
and form the highest version of myself.

Now I know,
that I needed to form a new union
with a greater bliss
beyond what you were able to offer.

Now, thanks to you,
I am joined with an infinite beauty
within my mind, heart and soul,
within this amazing creation,
and within the bountiful love
that the universe
can continuously provide ~

~ Meno ~


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