The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Do not despair, by thinking
that you can’t reach for what
you need,
that you have no power
to make it happen.

You are, so much more,
created out of the infinite beauty,
with power to shape, create,
and influence.

The only limits
that you will ever really have,
are the limits you believe.

Reach out and go beyond
whatever you have been telling yourself,
is possible for your life.

Life calls out to you, right now,
to be the highest reflection
of the beauty that beats its rhythms of love,
within the deepest spaces of your soul.

Fill yourself,
with a work of life that you truly enjoy,
with relationships that nourish and lift you,
with a conscious life, fully engaged in the now,
with meaningful goals, that will bring out
your happiness in this life.

You, are at the controls of your journey,
steer and navigate your vessel,
through stormy waves into waves of bliss,
tranquillity and into joyous elation,
from having truly experienced,
the beauty of life ~

~ Meno ~


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