The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Have faith in the future,
and the energy to move mountains
will come to you.
It’s doubt and negative thoughts
that keep us back
from so much within life.

Negativity can affect you,
only if you allow yourself to
be pulled into that energy,
instead, you must rise above it.

Whatever energy you choose,
everything will align to your choice.
An angry person lives in an angry world.
A happy person lives in a happy world.
Same world.

What sort of energy do you handle
things with?
This becomes very important to
what the outcome of your day
will be like.

Today, take a deep look at yourself
and observe what you are doing.

What are you focusing on,
that is actually working against you
and the happiness of the day?
Time to change that!

What is working well for you,
that you can do more of,
that will increase your happiness?
Yes, definitely do more of that!

We can live life from two general
styles of energy.
You have a choice of living more from
the ego or more from what can be
described as your “heart space.”

The problem with the ego,
is that negative situations have a stronger
grip on you,
so the negativity escalates.

When you are in your heart space,
much of the negativity just fades away,
it can’t penetrate you, like it used to.

In your heart space, you learn more
on how to ground yourself,
become more meditative,
be more calm and experience more
of the beauty you tend to overlook.

Open yourself up more to your heart,
and lift it higher.
Embrace everything with your love
and a sense of compassion,
with a healing spirit of goodness
and excellence.

Extend this goodness to include yourself
and begin taking excellent care of yourself,
within each passing day.

If you don’t take good care of
your health with proper exercise
and nutrition, your body is weakened
by your bad habits and your mind
is not working at its optimal level.
Facing negative energies will then
become much more difficult to handle.

Soon, you will feel good, strong, and
able to bring the right kind of good
energy to each situation, so that good
results can prevail with every interaction.

Take control of your life
and only run it on clean energy,
free from exhausting worry and
negative pollution.

Stay positive, and don’t ever let
anything external to you, rob you,
of your joy, your wellness
and your harmony ~

~ Meno ~


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