The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

 ~ Life created you and brought
you here, to grow you,
not so that it could be against you.

Life brought you here, so that you
could connect to beauty, goodness,
love and a garden planet, which you
are so lucky to have been created from.

Now, your direction is in your hands.

In life, it’s how we choose to live
that reflects how our life will feel.

Rather than a life of peace, beauty,
and happiness, you may be in
a life of anxiety and stress.

You may be feeling that there is too
much pressure on you,
or that you are always in a hurry.
Your mind may feel conflicted with
having to keep living and making
choices under pressure or fatigue.

Many times we create our own stress,
when we have feelings or beliefs that
tell us that we or things around us,
will NEVER be “good enough.”
This creates a reality where you
start to feel overwhelmed and stressed.

If you keep saying to yourself that
life sucks and you just keep agreeing
with that, over and over each morning,
then you will end up actually and
perpetually creating that exact reality
each and every day,
creating even more frustration and stress.
It doesn’t have to be this way.

As you mature and become more independent,
your reality is now your own choice.

Instead, begin your mornings
with positive words and positive inner
language with yourself.
Yes I am good enough.
Yes I am worthy.
Yes life wants to love me.

Each day, convert and grow more.
Convert the manure into flowers,
by making the best out of the worst,
and by not allowing external events
to govern your internal condition.

Each day start with empowering
actions like exercising,
yoga, and meditation.

Connect to all that is alive on a more
regular basis like nature, healthy fresh
foods, and positive people.

Eliminate as much stress as you can.

In life, many times it’s not about
working harder and harder to survive,
thereby taking on more stress.
Instead it’s more about working
smarter and finding easier ways to
achieve the same or better results.

Making things easier also means
not trying to make everything totally
This will never happen, and all it
does is bring you incredible
amounts of stress.

Keep things simple and easy.
Be healthier and happier.

Find a life purpose for you.
Without purpose, you will feel lost,
confused, without direction, stressed,

Create a lifestyle that you are
passionate about, that will naturally
propel you to that next level of yourself,
your higher consciousness,
more bliss and beauty.

Focus only on what is most elevating
and life will elevate you.
No gossip, no drama, no people who
don’t have your best interest at heart.
Walk away from anything or anyone
that brings you downward.

It is those who want the best for you,
that will always be what’s best for you.

Connect only with what inspires you,
with what brings beauty into your life.

Some of us say, as soon as the
right circumstances come along,
I will be able to change things.
But the reality is, that nothing can
change for the better until you
actually take a first step.
You need to take action first,
regardless of what is happening
around you right now.

Open your awareness and
understanding of life and gain
better perspectives of what is real.
Be grateful each day for the
opportunity just to be here,
in the garden planet.

Life is a journey to enjoy,
like a slow moving raft, floating slowly
down a beautiful river of abundance,
not something you race through
quickly, to get to some finish line.

There is no real finish line anywhere,
you won’t find it or see it,
it’s just some concept you put in your

Simply, just enjoy the process of life,
of being,
and of living this amazing gift,
while you still have it ~

~ Meno ~



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