The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ It truly is better to have loved
and lost,
to have stepped forward in faith,
even if it didn’t work out,
then to avoid life’s pains.

Only by risking yourself
can you gain what you need,
and experience all aspects of this life
and what it is like,
to be fully human.

When you love, it can bring even
more joy than you could ever
possibly imagine.

There will be those that from time to
time we love and have to let go of,
and yes, this can become a
painful process.
But even letting go has amazing lessons
that teach us about the quality of
our love, and even more lessons about
what love should really be.

Today is a good day to start releasing
and clearing out anything that you feel
is still preventing you,
from living in a heart
filled with love.

Cry, forgive, learn and move on.

Let your tears water the seeds
of your future happiness.
Then open your heart in faith
and in strength.
Begin connecting to the new
and to the now.

Open to Love, light and laughter,
this is real living.
Let’s not be sucked into anything else
that does not feed that.

Now is the time for a life filled
with the fullness of beautiful connections,
and a heart that brings joy ~

~ Meno ~


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