The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

 ~ If you want to feel heaven on this earth,
you will not find it by travelling
It is not a place that you must find,
it is a choice you must make
within you.

It is your feelings, your thoughts
and your beliefs that will determine
your experiences here and all of
your outcomes.

If you believe you can do something,
chances are high, that you will.
If you believe you can’t,
chances are high, you won’t get it done.

We may be carrying beliefs that are
actually working against our own happiness,
and that sabotage our decisions,
keeping us each day, from a better life.

We need to examine ourselves,
and to have the strength to adjust
our beliefs and embrace changes.

Being open to change is what will
decide if you will have a chance to
experience this world in a better way.

Change is uncomfortable, however,
if we quit every time we felt uncomfortable,
nothing would ever get done in this life.

Practice looking within yourself each day
and find the way to grow in spirit and in love.
As you become more positive and clear
with yourself, you will be better able
to make good decisions in your life.

Don’t let negative circumstances
or people get in the way of
your ability to transform into inner
beauty and excellence.
Don’t let those who don’t love you
keep you from the ones who will.

Don’t keep waiting for the right time
to make a change,
there is no right time, the time to do
things is always now.

Your future is not written yet,
your heaven is still possible,
it is waiting to be created and moulded
by what your choices will be,
this very day ~

~ Meno ~


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