The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes


~ It’s hard.
Hard to let go of those you really love.
Hard to see others suffering
from disease,
without help from above.

Hard to say hello sometimes,
hard to say goodbye.
Hard to feel the light of love at times,
hard not to cry.

It’s hard.
Hard to keep going,
when the weight feels so large.
Hard to breathe sometimes,
when you feel overtaken with doubt.

Hard when the one who you love
doesn’t want you no more.
Hard when you are always facing
another vanishing or closed door.

Wherever you see yourself,
in all of this,
life always wants more happiness
for you,
more passionate and joyous bliss.

Always remain in love with life,
don’t give up, stay true,
and life will always deliver,
its graceful goodness,
back onto you ~

~ Meno ~



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