The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ So you just want to be happy.
If love is all that matters to you,
you are off to a very good start.

The happiest people, choose
to be happy.
It is by making happiness your top
priority and investing time into it,
that you will have it.
It all starts with you.

Happiness is a good balance
of all the parts of you that you
are living from.

Your emotions, your thoughts,
your physical wellness and your
spiritual harmony, require your
attention and understanding
each day, to bring about balance
and happiness.

Happiness is not something external,
that you have to go looking for,
it’s something within you that you
have to become present to.

When you love yourself one hundred
percent, happiness will exist within
you at a high level.
Everything around you will show you
it’s goodness and beauty and
enhance your life even more,
taking you into higher highs,
that you thought were not possible.

Always remember that everything
external is just an enhancement
to happiness,
it’s not the true source of it,
you are your own true source.

Find your happiness by looking at
and changing your choices for the better.
Make choices that support your greater
health and fitness.
Become more grateful for what you
already have and focus on the things
that are working well in your life.

Free your heart from hatred and
grudges and make it open and ready
to receive life’s good vibrations.

Live simply.
Don’t make anything more complicated
than what it has to be.
More simplicity brings about more

Expect less.
Everyone makes mistakes,
you do as well.
If your expectations are totally
unrealistic, you will be the one
who will suffer for it.

See the reality within the way things
really are.
Many times we expect way too much
from people, thinking somehow that
they have to be perfect,
or behave perfectly towards us,
under every situation.
This perfection you may be seeking
from others will simply never happen.

Take things lightly and develop a good
sense of humour.
Being too serious about everything
only burdens your spirit and destroys

Give more.
Share more, and you will receive much.
It takes effort to give
and create value for other people,
and to give to humanity,
but it is those who give the most,
who will receive the most.

Love for yourself,
love for others,
is still the simplest way
that expresses it all ~

~ Meno ~



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