The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Today you are alive.
You are free to make choices.
Every moment holds for you
an infinite amount of possibilities.
You are sitting on an amazing gift.

It’s going to be your actions or
lack of action that will determine
the outcome of this day,
and the direction of your life.
Promise yourself you won’t waste
this day.

High level happiness can be yours.
Feeling absolutely terrific about
yourself can also be yours.
What you need to realize is
that such happiness is the natural
result of accepting total
responsibility for every part of you,
and every part of your life too.

Do not be afraid.
Life wants life to succeed,
and you are part of that beautiful life
that this world has made.

Your core energy can be either with
fear or with love.
Everything can be traced back
to one of these.
What energy will your choices
feed from?

Today, become more alive,
become conscious of how you
are living.
Bring more awareness and
understanding into your life,
which will bring wisdom to handle
life in the most pleasant way.

Spend the time to know yourself
and the gifts you have,
so that you may truly add your beauty,
fully into this world ~

~ Meno ~


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