The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ You may be asking yourself, today,
why am I sad,
why do I feel more alone,
where is the happiness
I thought would be in my life
by now?
Where is the love?

In this society,
you have been told a story,
there has been a type of manipulation,
without you really realizing it,
to encourage you
into making short term
as well as long term decisions,
that are to this day,
eating away at your ability
to live within a spirit of love,
the highest and happiest way
of living this life.

Why did this happen?
Because this society needed to
grow more profits, more business,
faster and faster.
Therefore, for a long time,
you ended up putting almost all
of your time into feeding this machine.

Your personal deepest happiness,
was the sacrifice that was given,
while the whole time you were thinking,
that you were just doing the highest and
best thing for your future.

Today, is a great day,
to contemplate and really
get to the bottom of what is
truly important in your life,
to get to the bottom of what will
actually bring you,
the highest quality of love
and happiness.

Don’t listen to what society says,
instead think more for yourself.

Look more towards what reality tells you,
what the real results show you,
and what nature truly says.

See what this realm
has always intended for you,
which was and still is,
to enjoy the beauty of life,
and for you to be fully and beautifully
loved and connected to all of it,
as a creation of love ~

~ Meno ~



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