The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

Young asian manager walking on the rope while carrying an elephant above sea

~ Treat yourself and others
with fairness and compassion.
Always recognize that we are all
doing what we can according to
our unique situations.

Don’t be too quick to make harsh
judgments about anyone,
including yourself.

We have all made decisions that
didn’t turn out so well,
but that is the only way to progress.

No need to regret anything that has
happened in your life.
It cannot be changed, undone or forgotten,
so take it as a lesson and move on.

Today is a good day, to begin to rise up again.
Lift up your heart to life.
Live stronger, love stronger,
and succeed at all that you love.

Have hope and at the same time
take massive action towards your goals.
Nothing will happen if you
remain only half-hearted.

Remember that nobody can
bring out the very best in you,
only you can ~

~ Meno ~


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