The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ If you want to truly live
and to experience the beauty in living,
you must do so from the heart.
So much beauty can not be seen,
or even touched, but must be felt.

There will be no limitations
to what this can bring into your life,
when your heart seeks to become
one with all things.
The only limitations,
are the ones you make.

It is your passion, that will change
and enhance everything in your life.

When you follow your passions,
it Is possible that you may never
catch all that you are chasing,
but if you stop and observe where
you are,
you will see the amazing place
that your chase has taken you to.

Whatever obstacles may come,
do not remain discouraged,
keep engaging fully with life.
Life wants your beautiful energy,
and so do you, and so do we.

Wherever you go, or do,
go with all your heart,
then step back,
and watch the magic
and the beauty, happen ~

~ Meno ~



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