The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ To experience a beautiful life,
is to live within a beautiful spirit.

A spirit that doesn’t crave harsh
judgments of others, or the need to
make others wrong, or the need to
feel superior.
A spirit that lives within compassion
and understanding, this is the path
to a life within love.

The spirit of love is similar to the
air that we breathe.
It may not always be seen, but
It is always felt, and needed.

You will not lose by being loving,
but you will certainly lose a great
deal by holding yourself back from it.

Real love is not just part of something
that you do, it’s something
you become.

When you can see that life is not
just about you,
when your eyes are open
and you are genuinely interested in
helping others and able to be giving,
that’s when you are truly in the spirit
of love,
the source of all beauty ~

~ Meno ~



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