The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Your life is ready and willing,
to change for you.

When you decide to assume and take
responsibility for every part of your life,
major changes will begin on that day.

When you decide that you will no
longer be blaming outside circumstances,
for your inside chaos,
on that day,
your life will completely change,
and you will be lifted up to new heights.

We are beautiful, amazing human beings,
who, when we put our minds to it,
can do just about anything.
We are not born to be victims,
and neither should you decide to
live as one.

No matter what you have been through,
you are still here, alive and ready
to live gloriously.
You may have been challenged, hurt,
betrayed, beaten and discouraged,
but nothing has defeated you,
because you have survived.

You have the resilience within you,
to get up, stand up, and live a truly
amazing life.
You may be delayed,
but certainly not denied.

Today, decide to take your life into
your own hands,
by taking full responsibility to grow
and heal all the parts of you.

Begin the efforts you need to make,
to turn this life into a truly beautiful
and joyous experience.
It really is and always will be,
in your hands ~

~ Meno ~



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