The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ No need to wait for other people,
to be loving, giving, compassionate,
grateful, forgiving, generous,
or friendly.
Instead, be what you wish to see,
and lead the way.

One of the simplest things
that we can do throughout the day,
that will transform us,
leaving us open
to receive more joy in life,
is to repeat to ourselves
and to all of creation,
a simple mantra of “Thank-You.”

“Thank you, beautiful creation,
for making it possible for me
to even exist and to experience life.”

“Thank you, sweet creation,
I will respect and make the best
out of this beautiful gift of consciousness.”

”Every day, I will give back to life,
by manifesting more love and good
vibrations into this beautiful world.”

Long ago, it was this world
that gave of itself to me,
by surrendering its self,
it’s ingredients,
to manifest and put me together
into existence.

“Thank you, for all you have done,
for all you continue to do,
for all that is yet to come.”

Every day,
I choose to live in your beauty,
and I choose to bring healing,
into all things ~

~ Meno ~



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