The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Hey you,
beautiful child of the universe.

You have to believe,
that you are worth it.
That you are worth the effort
to manifest the highest
version of love,
within you.

Beautiful child,
beautiful being,
beautiful creation,
is what you are.
Don’t let yourself down.

It’s not for others to tell you
who you should be.

It’s not for the society you are in,
or for the prevailing culture of the day,
to define who you are.

The responsibility is only yours,
to bring about the greatest
possibility of “you” into
this existence.

The greatest you,
is an inner beauty,
that loves and respects
life, people, relationships,
nature, and the garden planet
that creates and nourishes
all of us.

Begin your beautiful path ~

~ Meno ~



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