The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Each one of us brings something
important to the table of life.

We have within us certain talents,
gifts, skills, and abilities
that help and benefit others.
Others were also given abilities
as well, for your benefit.

It would not be wise to ignore these
It is by using them, that we are
fulfilling part of our purpose here
within this life.

Don’t be stuck in a life that was
dictated by what other people
decided was best for you,
or by what others are now deciding
what you should or shouldn’t do.

To let this happen to you is to slowly
erase who you truly are or were
meant to be.
Thus, life will never feel right to you.

Stand up for yourself, and live
according to your own ways.

This is a right you always had,
along with your life, which is totally
your own,
and should never be owned by
another person, group, or organization.

Today, truly wake up and live who you
were meant to be.
Manifest your beauty into existence.
The world needs all the good things
you are carrying within you.
That is why you are here ~

~ Meno ~


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