The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ Today, you will be experiencing life
by what you have decided
to focus on.

A happy person lives
in a happy world.
An angry person lives in
an angry world.
It is the same world.

Life has so much to bring to you.
Beauty is so abundant.
This amazing floating garden in
the universe is yours.

But, you will never truly
experience it,
and you will never see the beauty
of a rainbow,
if you are always looking down.

Adding more darkness
to your darkness,
will not help you to connect
to the happiness that waits to fill you.

Only light will connect you.

Adding more hate to your hate,
can not help you to connect to
this beautiful garden of delight,
that you separate yourself from.

Only love can do that for you ~

~ Meno ~


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