The Beauty of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ When you find truth, love and
beauty within yourself, the beauty
within this world will connect deeply
with you.

When you give your love to life,
remember to love all the things
connected with life,
the light, the dark, the grey areas,
the bountiful colours of possibilities.

The magic and wonder within life is
truly awe-inspiring, astonishing in its
simplicity yet truly complex beauty.

You can feel the magic
within smiling faces,
in the beauty of a child,
in the smell of the ocean,
the caress of the wind.

Everything is connected to you,
you are formed, born, and put
together by all the energies present
on this garden planet.

Love the nature within your soul,
your body, your intelligence,
your consciousness, the heavens,
the stars, and the universe.

All of this is a chain reaction of
connection, swirling around you,
in a celestial dance of life and wonder,
with life-energy at its core,
connected to all your senses,
and everything you can feel and love ~

~ Meno ~


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