The Beauty of Life by Meno Lopes

~ People were created for love
and to be loved.
When we love ourselves, we naturally
shine, we are naturally beautiful.

Fall in love with yourself.
Let your love express itself into this
It is love that will bring you all you
truly need, though you may not see
or fully realize this.

How you feel about you,
this determines everything,
it determines outcomes around you.

Your number one relationship will
always be the one you have
with yourself.
Learn to love yourself first,
instead of loving the idea of other
people loving you.

There are things outside of ourselves
that distract us and pull us away
from offering up our best to love.

We need to invest more time into
ourselves and less on material things
and gifts, because being at our best,
is the best gift, that we can ever
possibly give anyone ~

~ Meno ~


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