The Beauty of Life ~ by Meno Lopes

~ There is a time, when you must let go
of those who have let go of you.
No need to focus on that anymore.

In today’s world, there are many
who live life in ways that
no longer promote long term unity.

For those of us who see the
wellness and value that comes with unity
and community,
it brings a greater challenge to our

The importance then, is to focus now,
on becoming self-reliant with love.
We need to learn to create our own love,
to embody that love
and then generate it outwards
to share with everyone.

Some will accept it from you
and some will reject it from you.
Now it will be different because
the way you have become,
all are loved, either way.

Whatever their response may be,
your love is now constant,
it can not be diminished,
and your heart will never feel
lost or be lost ever again ~

~ Meno ~


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