The Beauty of Life ~ by Meno Lopes

~ Sometimes, what you thought
was going to be certain,
is not anymore,
it changes with the blink of an eye.

Today, do yourself the biggest favour
and embrace change.
For it is very true,
that the only thing that is constant
in this world,
is change itself.

When you really think about it,
all of nature changes and grows,
that’s the natural, healthy way.

If you are not changing,
you are not really growing,
and if you are not really growing,
you are not truly alive.

If you continue standing still
or clinging to things of the past,
which no longer exists,
you will truly miss out on life.

Sadly, in a very big and profound way,
you will miss today’s opportunities
to connect with all the good things
that took place on this day.

Each day, begin to create
and bring more of the “new into you.”

Learn new things,
take new actions,
bring new ways to love, into your days,
and watch your world,
your life and you,
truly come alive in many beautiful
and magnificent ways ~

~ Meno ~


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