The Beauty of Life by Meno Lopes

~ Hurt people, hurt people.
Healed people, heal people.

Be the healer of yourself,
that is what you and others
will need you to be.

Happiness can only start
with you.
Not with your relationships,
not with your money,
but with you.

Seek truth and understanding.
Free yourself from materialism.
The journey of healing is one of
purification of body, mind,
emotions and habits.

Whatever your destiny may be,
the only way that you can
remain happy is to seek and find
a way where you can serve others
and the world.
You will find it by growing into
a spirit of giving and loving life
in much better ways.

This will be your ultimate gift to life,
and also will become
the ultimate gift to yourself ~

~ Meno ~


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