The Beauty of Life by Meno Lopes

~ Stop allowing the pains of your past
to dictate the way you live.

When you can’t have compassion for
the shortcomings of others as well as
your own shortcomings,
your love will always be lacking
and will always feel unfulfilled.

The quality of your love
will determine your happiness in life,
there is really no way around that.

You must love yourself and others,
fully and equally.

Forgive others and yourself
in the highest possible way,
then you will be able to move forward
healthy and happy, but only then.

Much pain and conflict can be
avoided when you replace judgement
with understanding.

Understanding brings more
awareness and in turn grows more
love within you.

It’s because your heart has love,
that there is beauty in a flower.
It’s when love is in your heart,
that the music plays most sweetly.

It’s when love is in you, that all those
you’ve loved, are still loved.

When love is in your heart,
all you see, shows you it’s beauty ~

~ Meno ~


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