The Beauty Of Life

~ Beautiful people do not just happen.
It is the struggles, that will carve your soul
into a beautiful work of art,
as long as you direct each cut with
tools of love.

Be bold, take in and harness every
possibility of light in the new day.
Happiness is yours, by being the
creator of your experience.

Never fear mistakes, all they really do
is provide lessons and knowledge
along the way.
No matter how many mistakes you make
or how slow you progress,
you are still way ahead of everyone
who is not trying.

Each day finish with a sense of gratitude.
Choose to take pleasure in what you have,
right now, regardless of the circumstances.

Look forward to each tomorrow
with passion and rejoice for another fresh
start to create and bring in more
happiness and joy for you and for others.

Make a commitment, today,
to take massive action towards eliminating
your procrastination, thereby
accomplishing all the things that will
grow you to be the best “you” that you
can ever possibly be ~

~ Meno ~


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