The Beauty Of Life ~ Meno Lopes

~ The purpose for relationships
should be to lift someone up
and be lifted at the same time,

Relationships are the highest expression
of giving, not of taking.
If two people are not capable of selfless giving,
towards each other,
than that relationship will become destructive,
and should not happen.

You should be the kind of person
that is showing up to “give,”
because that is who you are.

You contribute by helping each other grow
to the maximum within this life,
and to always practice becoming a better
person for the sake of each other.

We need to bring to each other a spirit
that promotes a higher love, trust,
and support.

Each person should become like
an extension of the other,
by treating each other with utmost respect,
kindness, caring, and a maximum concern
for each other’s well being.

Relationships are the highest training ground
for the manifestation of true spirituality
and love.

Both people have to enter a relationship
with the right spirit to make it work.
Otherwise, all it will ever amount too,
is a painful, unforgiving experience ~

~ Meno ~


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