Sunday Gratitude

Sunday Gratitude

There is something about Sunday’s that breeds gratitude for me. I don’t know if it’s because of this concept of ‘a day of rest’ or ‘a day to give thanks’ but whatever the reason, I find myself wanting – actually needing to be grateful.

This concept of gratitude or the “gratitude chain” as I have coined seems ever present with the upcoming event of the Canadian Thanksgiving. Now some people may argue that those who are experiencing pain (physical or emotional), or are suffering, or have lost or grieving, may find it difficult to find something to be grateful for. But I would debate that this would be when it is most important. Now, I am certainly not insinuating that this is an easy task. I have gone through my own share of personal loss, stress, pain and emotional distress.  However, what I can say from personal experience (and what my clients often express) is that it is often through these difficult times that an individual grows, learns and becomes stronger.  Part of this relates to finding something to be grateful for.

Gratitude – as a practice – is a conscious effort and a CHOICE. I can choose to remain in the depths of darkness, or I can chose to be grateful.

So on this day – I am grateful for this opportunity to have a voice and share my thoughts, opinions and knowledge. What are you grateful for? Let’s make this gratitude chain happen and drop your comments below ⬇️⬇️⬇️


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