Subduing Free Speech: Liberals/NDP Flush Journalistic Standards Down the Toilet

Freedom of speech targeting has been a blood line running deep in the Liberal Party of Canada under Trudeau. Yesterday’s announcement is an outright attack on freedom of speech. Media influences politics and who forms the government and should remain separate remaining only a link between the people and elected officials

The Minister of Finance noted of closures of media outlets across the country, and that the industry is struggling. Yes, it is. Yet is due more to public apathy towards hearing the same message from comparatively like-minded outlets that makes them skip the engagement.

If media can not properly transition from print to digital and respond to social media changes, it is not up to government to save that. The money is better off giving to veterans, vulnerable persons, creating affordable housing and upping benefits to the elderly. This is not only a corporate buyout, it is a corporate and union payoff.

This will create a subculture of media who compete for your tax dollars through a government arm that has been hand selected to form an “independent panel” who decides who gets the funding and who does not. Given the track record of events, starting with Bill C-76 restricting third party rules, then the Unifor meeting in Ottawa asking Trudeau for money, coupled with the public statement by Unifor that the union will be Scheer’s “worst enemy” in the upcoming election – and now the funding announcement.

Not a surprise that media giants are in favor of this. It will crush independents and inhibit what they contribute to as a healthy media balance across the nation. With more taxpayer funds, Trudeau now has Jerry Dias, who controls the largest media union in Canada indebted to him and incentivized to ensure that the Trudeau Liberals win 2019.

How can a panel hand selected by a governing party be independent of the government? Legislation leading up to this announcement restricted independents, the largest media union threatened a federal party that they are coming for them, and the $600 million benefits corporations with money and conglomerates. How is this independent?

The collusive celebration had already begun between the Liberals and the media. It is clear in the reporting of the CBC and other media giants as pro-left, pro-Trudeau. This only cements it. Specific details will rest on an ‘independent panel’ of establishment media. Coined “trusted media” by Trudeau this panel will decide the criteria of who is eligible for funding, and who is not.

Institutionalized media giants will have the ability to cripple independents and direct funding to those “local” outlets under their umbrellas or of similar views and agendas. Tax incentives will be part of it. Nonprofit media outlets will get the gravy of the funding. Media giants have announced creation of foundations to make this a revenue source.

Due to the cost of setting up, reporting and other administrative costs this focus on nonprofit limits startups and independent journalists. A despicable way to reroute the roadwork of election regulations to the same source of funding, yet under a different brand.

The panel bolsters up the already set up left-wing media establishment and limits the rights and freedoms of the struggling outlets founded to deliver alternative viewpoints and out the partisan bias present in both national, and our own local media.

In Guelph, two of our ‘local’ papers are national conglomerates that do not report neutrally. These strong corporations buy up local independents that are struggling and grow a chain of outlets in smaller communities that regurgitate the same message repeatedly.

Canadian “trusted” media establishments have gone from reporting the news to trying to create it. They build articles and ‘facts’ based on conceptions that support their chosen party. Most often, it is the Liberal, NDP or Green party rhetoric. One only must take a moment and read headlines to see the bias. Deep within articles are the facts – yet the attempt to skew the conversation to alarm, alert and control the dialogue is real.

These very ‘trusted’ media players such as Torstar, Metroland News, Village Media, The Canadian Press and chosen disciples of media union Unifor could be the deciding players of who will receive help from the funding and be decision makers of who is able to report the news.

People look to the media to help them decide their vote for and what they should be focusing on. When controlled and owned by a select few media establishments they can take advantage of this by shaping opinion. They can decide an election simply by what they choose to report, and what they chose to ignore.

An example of this is media adopting the term ‘irregular migration’ after the direction of Trudeau and team rather than call it what it is – illegal migration. The silent adoption of terminology, running stories that support the theme that if you challenge this, you are racist was born from the Liberals and now adopted by some mainstream media.

The refugee crisis is a horrible occurrence, but political pull with the mass media began a campaign of labeling those who objected and suggested that anyone who questioned the state’s action in any way, was not compassionate and racist. This results in protests we take as rights lost.

By manipulating who survives in media publishing through this funding structure, Canadians will get the same message, over and over. There will no accountability. People will stop thinking and sharing their opinions.

“Make a lie, make it big, keep it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.” – Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Party Minister of Propaganda

An abrupt comparison would be to Nazi Germany, where Hitler took over the media to spread positive news about his party, and his ideas. The media loved his policies, and they did not report on the atrocities that were occurring to the Jewish population.  Anti-Nazi newspapers shut down. He rose to power with his crazy schemes simply due to media propaganda. Scary is it not?

Freedom of speech is at threat, and as in Germany Canadians will realize too late if they do not take notice now and act. The present government is not governing for the people of Canada, nor what we voted for – and bent to keep control and socially engineer our society towards their agenda.

Freedom is essential in Canada, and the separation and independence of news media from political bias and partisanship allows us to continue these freedoms and keep democracy healthy. Media, whether its television, digital or paper, is a method for citizens to present their thoughts, ideas, and opinions. By allowing a causal influence by a governing party on the eve of an election to have any consent to any of these beliefs and opinions is censorship.

People use media to communicate freely and that is how their rights should be. If the media has influence, affiliation to a governing party, reporting is bias and off-balance pandering to an expected agenda. Staying independent is cornerstone to good reporting. Good reporting creates impartiality.

All political parties, all elected officials must be accountable for violations, outright deception, and collusive. Reported facts, figures and articles must be known to be believable and truthful. Why must we have to fact check what reported?

It comes out of irresponsible reporting. Locally a news outlet ran an article about former mayoral candidate’s harassment while running for election. They ran a complete article on this yet did not contact Mayor Cam Guthrie for his and his family’s experiences to report neutrally. They ran a story with only a few candidates showcased. No other candidates were mentioned and few approached. No, they ran it on the eve of advanced polls – and heavily detailing the plight of the contender. How is that neutral coverage?

Media is known as one of the pillars of democracy, and it is vital for freedom of speech in the media to occur. For that to continue, independent news outlets need bolstering and the ability to prosper. If media promotes an ideology or favors government, transparency is gone, and democracy misled. Content becomes adulterated.

How can Canadians have independent media when the government is in control of the panel choice and appointment thereof, that decides which media outlets or journalist entitled to money to survive?

Reality check. Many media outlets who challenge our elected officials do not report in mainstream media. These outlets and journalists are sometimes opinionated, sometimes radical– yet it makes people think and develop independent thought. It is the cornerstone of democracy. started was due to local censorship and left mind-think of local media, and contributors who periodically post opinion pieces.

No matter the media you read, the views you support and your ideologies. Whether you are far left or far right or centrist. This move should unsettle you. Citizens have the right to critical thinking and presenting their views without government influence, censorship, and partisan motives.

Free from government or corporate and union influence, the media can run responsibly. When citizens get the scoop from independent sources critical thinking happens. They form opinions. My guess is the Liberal party is worried Canadians will form opposition against them and vote them out.

Muzzles on expression have dire consequences. Take it to the bank and learn from history.

And get this Canada – your tax dollars are paying for that muzzle.


  1. Excellent interpretation of what is going to happen with the plan to give $600 million to media outlets to survive. What is wrong with this picture. Trudeau is buying the media the same way Wynne bought the unions; by throwing money at their feet. It came back to haunt them but not before the government caused possible irreparable damage to the heart and soul of Ontario. How can you trust what media is reporting when you know that each mainstream media outlet has been bought and paid for by someone who only wants power for corruption of the very principles they are set to uphold.


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