So, Here We Go! Let the Match Begin!

So, here we go. The “official” election period has begun. The writ is to finally drop this morning, so those wishing to earn the right to represent Canadians in Ottawa have quite a sprint to accomplish.

The Trudeau government held Canada hostage, waiting for the final hours they could to finally allow a democratic election to be held. Yet will it be? I seriously hope so. Will it be? I doubt it.

The Liberals have (they think) strategically aligned themselves to stay in the driver’s seat to continue to push post-national state and globalist agendas. Will they be able to overcome the scandals and #notasadvertised images?

The ‘election reform’ limited the other parties to spend a maximum of two million dollars in advertising during the pre-writ period. By postponing the election to the very cut off, the governing Liberals had free reign to play with billions of taxpayer dollars. Previously spending limits were only imposed on political parties during the writ period.

The Liberal party only knows how to hand out money to buy elections; they don’t know how to manage anything.

By all counts, this will either go down as an unfair election or a landslide against the current government on the Liberal track record, broken promises, lack of Canadian pride and values and almost dictatorial actions of the PMO.

What are the choices in Guelph? From a candidate perspective, this is the lineup.

Liberal incumbent MP Lloyd Longfield, a party man, will be defending his seat. During his tenure, he did not introduce any bills to the floor, voted party line even when it shocked the electorate during the McClinton motion and throughout the SNC Lavalin scandals. On the eve of the election, the RCMP made a statement that the Liberals were not cooperating with their SNC investigation. Call it old fashion, yet when you muzzle people you have control over there is something terribly wrong about that.

Ashish Sachan is running under the Conservative banner. Ashish is Chief Science Officer for Airesun Global, a distinctively Canadian clean technology innovator company that is driving industrial growth in Canada and the World by providing eco-friendly and safer alternatives to petroleum-based products.

His background positions him as a thought leader in finding solutions that protect the economy and provide solutions to adapt not to destroy the robust economic resource sectors Canada enjoys and could make a cabinet position in Environmental Affairs.

Steve Dyck is an activist and pseudo lobbyist who represents the Green Party. Dyck is the founder and president of Guelph Solar and has run for the Green Party previously. He believes a ‘green wave’ exists due to Mike Schreiner’s provincial win. In all narratives, one seat is not a wave.

What this election will demonstrate is whether Guelph is satisfied with sending Mike to Queen’s Park, who presented himself as a moderate to work across party lines – and has done none of that while in office. The amount of protests and partisan activism has risen dramatically since his appointment.

Mark Paralovos is the candidate for the newly created People’s Party of Canada. Aisha Jahangir is our NDP candidate. She is a registered nurse working in Guelph. Both Mark and Aisha are new to the political game, both young and inexperienced.

Addressing climate change, social issues and environmental protection is an election issue, and it should be. That the left has made their talking points solely around these issues while not addressing the economy, and strenthening Canada domestically and internationally by utiilizing our God-given resource sector.

What is sadly missing from the lineup in organized debates is a sense of open dialogue about all the issues that help voters decide their votes.  Debates scheduled are co-ordinated, issue-based discussions that only serve to further the platforms of the left rather than open dialogue on all issues Canadians want to hear their potential MP talk about.

Here is a rundown on the present debate schedule.

All Candidates Debate – Social Justice Issues, September 26th, hosted by Wellington Water Watchers and OPIRG Guelph

100 Debates on the Environment, Oct 3rd is a national lobbyist group promoting environmental issues, most of which is a support of the carbon tax, hosted by Wellington Water Watchers. Key to know about this debate and WWW is that this debate intiative are run by GreenPAC which is a national (yet very small) lobby to promote left-wing agendas. Steve Dyck was recently recognized by GreenPAC endorsement, so calling this a debate is a misnomer when the sponsor behind the debate has already imposed their “winner” upon us.

Here is the list of special interest groups lined up to influence the Guelph vote:

  • OPIRG Guelph
  • CFUW Guelph
  • eMerge Guelph
  • Transition Guelph
  • Youth Action on Climate Change
  • Guelph Coalition for Social Justice Coalition
  • Sustainability Guelph
  • Protect Our Moraine
  • Wellington Water Watchers
  • Council of Canadians
  • Guelph Coalition for Active Transit

Notice a pattern? This is similar to past Guelph elections where special interest groups attempted to impact voter decisions through covert actions, such as We Are Guelph, The Better Ballot who solely exist to further partisan interests whether Green, Liberal or NDP.

When a particular agenda has to gang up on Canada to push their agenda down our throats there is something seriously wrong with their message and platforms. Democracy does not include pre-determined ‘debates’, organized protests like what is happening in Guelph downtown this week nor ‘volunteers’ appearing from British Columbia and the United States to work for the Green Party in Guelph’s election.

Not surprised that Longfield appears to be going along with this line-up of the public issue-focused discussions. It takes the heat and risk of our MP actually making a well-awaited debate on the Liberal Party and his record in office. He may have to think for himself, rather than pre-scripted talking Liberal points. has reached out on two occassions to the Guelph Chamber of Commerce for confirmation on the timing of the debate they routinely sponsor for local candidates. They have yet to respond.

This is not an election unless we stand up to this concerted effort to detract voters from the real issues, with open uncontrived conversations. This is more akin to a World Wrestling match where scripts are carefully crafted, politicians are groomed for the battle and the audience gleefully takes part in fantasy performances.

This is not a question of partisan politics. Due to influences from global lobbyists and special interest groups, this 2019 election is about values and where we see Canada going in the future.

Will we stand up and decide with our vote that we will not be molded into a one agenda platform of the left or we will take the body slam they have set up for us?

This is not Canada.


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