“Sick of Feeling Sick” Syndrome – Sabrina Martelli

This past week I was reminded how important self-care and self-love are as I struggled through a nasty flu.  When someone is sick – whether it be physical illness or mental illness – this not only can take a physical toll but emotional toll as well.  This week, Healing Path Counselling Services would like to highlight how to get through the “Sick of feeling sick” syndrome with the strategies below:

Start by acknowledging how you feel 

You can’t force that sick of being sick feeling to go away by denying that it is present. In fact, denial may only intensify the feeling. It’s normal to feel this way. Being ill is hard, so start by acknowledging that it’s not easy and that it’s not surprising that sometimes you’re just plain sick of being sick.  Even more important is the ability to cultivate self-compassion for your illness and for that sick of being sick feeling.

The notion of self-compassion is crucial because it keeps self-blame from sneaking in.  Adding blame into the mix only makes you feel worse. Everyone lives in a body that’s susceptible to illness and injury. No blame allowed – either for being sick or for being sick of being sick. It’s natural to get fed-up at times with ongoing pain and illness and this acknowledgement is often at the heart of work that is done with clients at Healing Path Counselling Services.

Assess your behaviour

Usually when someone is sick of feeling sick, one of two patterns typically occur:

  1. Become entrenched in feeling sorry for yourself that you do not do the behaviours/tasks you need to do to take care of yourself.
  2. Continue to push yourself and believe you are ‘invincible’ ignoring the warning signs and/or triggers.

At Healing Path Counselling Services, we help people recognize their behaviours, patterns and triggers in order to become more self-aware to better manage and cope.

Find your support person or people

That person that won’t try to talk you out of feeling the way you are feeling.  That person that will be there for you both physically and emotionally.  That person who will help you cultivate that self-compassion and identify your behaviours and triggers.  If you don’t have that person – become aware of your community services that are available to you.  Have a plan to reach out for assistance.

Ultimately, the important piece to realize and remind yourself is that this is just a day or moment in a life.  

If you or someone you know may benefit from the services at Healing Path Counselling please reach out.

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