Sad Day for Canada

The Trudeau government does not care about ethics, honesty, transparency, or our Justice system. There is no leadership. This is a dictatorship. While Canadians watched the Liberal stacked Justice Committee silence the opposition motion in a deliberate attempt to control the narrative our PM was in sunny days Florida surfing it up – on our dime.

Disappointed, dismayed and utterly speechless are words to describe Longfield’s continued partisan flag waving and dumbfounded representation. A perfect example of what Guelph does not need in an elected representative. Longfield is a willing participant in the scandal by virtue of his non action and support of Trudeau.

Longfield’s comments in Guelph Today that he is “absolutely” convinced that there was no funny business, and it was just business as usual is a long cry away from reality and ten football fields away from any ethical and unbiased opinion.

How is he ‘convinced’?  There is strong evidence that the PM and the Liberal Party tried to interfere in the court system, and it very well happened in Canada. There is strong flavor of corruption, and the those tasked with doing a proper investigation are corrupt. Longfield is so out of touch from reality and barraged with the partisan mind-speak he has decided to go along with the game.

Fact is, no one and certainly not backbencher “not get involved” Longfield cannot comment that the government has done nothing wrong, and that the process not compromised. Bluntly said, if Longfield truly felt his job was not to get involved, he should have abstained from voting. Yet true to form our MP voted party line, without the facts and without foresight. Who knew reading emails from the PMO constituted the truth?

He has supported every vote and action taken by the Liberal Party and the Justice Committee to deny, curtail and control the narrative of the investigation.


Vote No. 995 Opposition Motion (Appearance of the Prime Minister before the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights) Member Voted Nay (against)

Vote No. 992 Opposition Motion (Political interference allegations) Member Voted Nay (against)

Vote No. 991 Opposition Motion (Political interference allegations) (amendment) Member Voted Nay (against)

Longfield is part of the cover up and an active participant in the gag order on this investigation and Jody Wilson-Raybould.

Bottom line, if this job loss of 9,000 jobs in SNC-Lavalin was not a Quebec Liberal bedfellow the dialogue and conversation would change. Bottom line, 200 first term MPs would stand up to the Trudeau government and show integrity and respect for the rule of law.

Why has SNC been one of the best performing companies since Trudeau took power? It is not about jobs, yet the tight ties between the PM and the Quebec company and the Trudeau’s Liberals willingness to go to great lengths for SNC’s support to keep power.

The Liberal government did not stand up for auto workers in Oshawa, nor Sears workers who lost their pensions nor has it created public policy to protect Canadian jobs. SNC scandal has taught us that the federal integrity regime needs an overhaul. There must be oversight on the structure of the decision making into which companies get government contracts with our tax dollars.

Look at the voting pattern of the Liberals and of Longfield. Inference has been made in local media that Longfield had been on a family vacation and ‘just got back’ to return calls to residents.

This scandal broke many weeks prior to Longfield speaking his ‘truth’. Our MP has not answered direct questions about this from concerned residents. When he does speak, he supplies well scripted partisan talking points. All town halls cancelled. This call for openness and transparency is not a spin of something out of nothing.

Fact is he waited for the go ahead of the PMO to address residents. Good going, it only took him over a month. Family vacation did not happen during the votes on record in Hansard, so Longfield cannot make that claim, not truthfully.

This is not a representative yet a party puppet. Comparing ‘reaching out to Linamar to SNC is far reaching, a smear on Linamar and its employees and as far away from apples to oranges of a comparison he could have provided. Furthermore, it is an insult to the intelligence of the Guelph electorate.

SNC Lavalin has a history of corruption and is currently facing a trial for more corruption. Trudeau trying to interfere in a court case is different from Longfield advocating for Linamar. What happened with SNC is quite different than that with Linamar unless you are of the mind that criminal activity is a normal course of business. You know, the grey area of ethics Longfield refers to.

To educate our MP, let us talk about the differences between interference and the normal course of business. Normal course is talking to the company and seeing what supports they need to secure jobs. Interference is putting pressure on an Attorney General to change her legal opinion and course of action.

Interference is muzzling her, and not allowing her to speak for a second time at the Justice Committee – and with no barriers. Interference is voting against a motion for Trudeau to testify under oath. Interference is voting against a motion to have Butts testify under oath. Interference is voting against a motion to need Butts to supply evidence to back up his statements.

And surely, interference is not allowing for a full public inquiry yet allowing a committee whose majority is Liberal to decide on the investigation.

Longfield cites confidence in a third-party ethics commissioner who just declared a prolonged absence, and the Justice Committee by their actions is partisan so where is his confidence coming from? The disgusting debacle played out in the vote against having JWR reappear is an afront to all Canadians and should be to Longfield.

Add in the announcement that the OECD anti-bribery officials are ‘concerned’ by SNC-Lavalin affair, plan to ‘closely monitor’ case, as reported by Global News.

Really Longfield? Yes, how we react to things determine the outcome. Educated voters will not buy this. Longfield’s diatribe is nonsense, and just political mind speak. Catch phrases like ‘equal under the law’ and ‘people are nervous’ does not make this go away.

Had Longfield not supported the continuous cover-up of the investigation and independently called out his own party to have a full investigation, the outcome would have been vastly different. We could have seen a MP who stood on his personal values and voted independent of party, and one with a backbone strong enough to weather the storm, answer tough questions and talk to residents before this week.

Sadly, the outcome for Longfield is not good. Committing political suicide for a chance at second term and the coveted pension is not the best route.  Guelph needs a representative, not a mannequin used by Trudeau. New road show, Longfield on Trudeau’s lap while JT pulls the string when he wants him to talk and is an extension of his voice.

Now the global anti bribery group has put Canada on their watchlist due the SNC scandal, so the international community is not buying the Liberal view Longfield is clouting. When international groups are picking up the story and listening, time to break party line. Yet Longfield remains a party faithful.

Values, integrity, and honor win over partisan politics every time. Speaking well of two women who you did not personally nor support while voting (when it mattered) and after that fact make public supportive comments about these professionals is simply wrong and so shady. It is sexist at its lowest level. They experience things differently, you know Lloyd?

When Longfield voted against McClintic motion to reverse a decision to send her back to prison residents taken back that his comments were that the Liberal party does not interfere with the court process. I guess the Stafford family is not strong enough lobbyist or partisan elite to bend the rules. Disgusting.

The law is clear on SNC. The Attorney General is non-partisan and must not exert pressure on the office to bend the rules for partisan interests. Putting pressure on an AG after a decision made is political interference. There is no normalization to apply to this.

SNC does not qualify for a DPA as the first requirement is self-reporting, which does not apply in this case.  History of corruption, recent bribes in Libya, the Cartier bridge and recent convictions involving the company throw out this conclusion as well. The primary responsibility of Longfield was to represent the people of Guelph and he has put party politics and personal income and pension prospects ahead of integrity. This is not becoming of the office, nor his oath sworn to serve.

The Justice Committee’s motion voting down a return of JWR to testify is a complete partisan cover-up and a real life example of the misaligned integrity of the current Liberal government.

News in the wind says Trudeau may call a May election. Wow! The Liberals are banking that budget hype will save their position in power. They are not realizing that despite Trudeau’s claim Canadians do not have a national identity, they do. We are a country that is humanitarian, open minded and live with values and intention. Shutting down, muzzling a strong indigenous woman is not Canadian. We do not do cover ups.

No question about it. An election should be imminent. Canadians do not have any confidence in this government. Yet Longfield does with complete unshakingly loyalty and support. Who knew a pension was enough of a price tag to walk back on your values with complete abandonment?

Reminiscent of the mystical unicorns the Liberal party have nothing to them, they could care less about the destruction around them and are completely oblivious to the reality, or choose to ignore it for the sake of another day of pay to play.

Let us hope and pray Canadians board the Ark and the Liberals face the self-made destruction they have created.


  1. This is a great read on on Silent Lloyd, the back bencher who can not change policy and has no power to do so. This is the MP, who has voted in favor of this corrupt government without thinking. This is the act of a blind Liberal taking care of his paycheck over the will of the people who put him where he is; to work for the people of Guelph that promised to serve until he got elected, then forgot about them. He is great for photo ops for projects that he did not propose, promote or pass.


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