Restoring Trust and Accountability – Ford

Source: Ontario Government
Source: Office of the Premier

In his address to the Economic Club of Canada January 21, 2019 Ford remained committed to respect the taxpayer and create a more efficient government.

Ford said, “Ontario inherited a $15 billion deficit. If we allow this deficit to continue to fester and grow, it will end up imperiling our hospitals, schools, and other public services. We cannot allow this to happen,” said Ford. “I’m proud to say we have made good progress in restoring fiscal discipline to Ontario, but there’s still a lot of hard work ahead of us.” To date the Ford government has reduced the deficit by $0.5 billion through reduced spending, projecting a $14.5 billion deficit in 2019-2019.  The Ford government has found savings of $3.2 billion by finding efficiencies without compromising front-line services.

The focus for Ontario is a three-point project, with one priority to create a positive job environment, driven by investment and trade inside and outside of Canada.

The second focus is budgeting the budget by finding efficiencies and streamlining services, keeping relevant and effective programs and services.

This is imperative given the legacy inherited from the Wynne Liberals who created for Ontario the highest subnational debt of any authority in the world.  Ford aims to achieve fiscal balance to restore public confidence In Ontario’s finances.  To date the Province has release a line-by-line review of spending, and has launched the  new Audit and Accountability Committee.

The final key focus is mental health, long term care for seniors and addiction supports for families, with commitment to make historic investment into these social issues.

Open for Business policies key aim is to create and protect jobs for Ontario people, with a fiscally responsible mindset.


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