Prevent or Lessen Stress Surrounding Holiday Triggers

Here are some of the most common holiday triggers and tips to prevent and/or lessen holiday depression, anxiety, and stress. Remember, that you always have a choice and there are options available to you.

There are many expenses over the holidays. Whether you’re buying gifts, food or travelling you may run the risk of overextending yourself. Some tips could include: outline a budget realistic within your means; only spend using cash or debit; plan a secret Santa gift exchange.

Not everyone in a family gets along and sometimes there can be dynamics, conflicts or personality differences. Family members may try to make you feel bad or push you into doing something you do not feel comfortable doing. Some tips could include: set boundaries and communicate; be realistic about what you can/cannot do; alternate family gatherings or limit the amount of time you stay.

Taking on too much
Often individuals tend to over-commit or take on too many tasks over the holiday season. Some suggestions: pace yourself and do not take on more than you can realistically handle; make a list and prioritize; delegate or allow others to take on tasks.

Loneliness and isolation are a reality for many people over the holidays and can feel heightened when those around you are busy. Suggestions could include: ask people to check in with you; pick a winter hobby or join a group; volunteer with a local non-profit organization.

The holidays can be a reminder of the loss of a loved one(s). It is important to acknowledge that the holidays will be different. Spend time with supportive people who understand what you are experiencing. Perhaps create new traditions as a way of remembering your lost loved one.

If you or someone you know needs assistance in navigating the stress of the holiday season, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Healing Path Counselling Services.

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