October 10, 1977 – Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler & Joe Perry Injured by a Cherry Bomb

When you live the life of a rock star you never know how fans will treat you or what they will have with them. Aerosmith learned this on October 10, 1977, in Philadelphia and this would not be the last time they would deal with similar situations.

The band was starting their encore set for a ruckus crowd. That encore set would be cut short thanks to a fan’s use of a cherry bomb. Guitarist, Brad Whitford described the scene in an interview by saying,” I was going up the stairs right behind  Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, and I felt the concussion of the cherry bomb going off. Steven immediately covered his face and there was blood shooting up out of Joe’s arm, literally. So pretty quickly we got ourselves to the emergency room.”

The incident left the band in a pretty bad state. 

Note – Some sources say it was in 1978. 

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