Natural Heritage Action Plan – City of Guelph

About the plan

The Natural Heritage Action Plan (NHAP) will help us prioritize Guelph’s natural heritage goals and create an implementation plan for protecting our natural resources as part of complete healthy communities. The plan will create a framework for the City’s Official Plan policies specific to the natural heritage system and watershed planning.

The NHAP will include the identification and development of recommendations, studies and guidelines to maintain enhance and restore natural heritage, surface water and ground water features in Guelph. This work will also identify and inform continuous improvement opportunities for development reviews that deal with environmental planning requirements.

What is natural heritage?

Natural heritage refers to the many elements of biodiversity, including plants, animals, ecosystem types, and geological structures and formations. As part of natural heritage we aim to take the natural elements which we inherited from past generations, maintain them in good health today and bestow them to future generations.

What’s happening?

Staff have made revisions to the Natural Heritage Action Plan document to incorporate feedback on the draft document that was available for public input in July 2018. A total of 40 responses were received on the draft NHAP. Input was also sought from the Environmental Advisory Committee (EAC) and the River Systems Advisory Committee (RSAC) throughout the development of the NHAP, including on the draft document.

Revisions have been made to the draft Natural Heritage Action Plan that was presented to Committee of the Whole on July 4, 2018 in response to public feedback.

final recommend Natural Heritage Action Plan is being taken to Council on September 10 for approval.

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