Mindset Series 03 – Challenging a Negative Mindset – Sabrina Martelli

In our final mindset series, Healing Path Counselling Services will highlight how to challenge a negative mindset. You know how people describe themselves as being either a ‘glass half-full’ or a ‘glass half-empty’ kind of person? They’re really talking about their mindset – the ideas and attitudes they have that shape the way they think about themselves and the world. Our mindset affects the way we behave, our outlook on life, and our attitude towards everything going on around us.

At Healing Path Counselling Services, we identify the importance in understanding that your mindset doesn’t have to be set in stone – you can shift your attitudes and beliefs any time you want.  If you want to be open to learning new things in life, to embrace challenges head-on, and to treat setbacks as learning experiences, you need to have a growth mindset. Below are some strategies for changing the way you look at things:

1. I can’t do it … yet. 

The way we talk to ourselves impacts what we actually achieve. If you tell yourself that you can do something, chances are that you will, even if you don’t accomplish it straightaway.

2. Challenge accepted. 

Next time someone throws an unfamiliar or tricky task your way, don’t throw it back at them – embrace it. Even if you mess up along the way, you can be sure that you’ll do better the next time.

3. Do some hard work.

You’re unlikely to reach your goals if you don’t put in the effort to match. Work hard, even a small bit at a time, and you’ll be able to enjoy the rewards.

4. There is no such thing as perfect. 

Don’t let the idea of perfection get in the way of getting things done. Remember: perfection is an illusion. What matters most is your effort.

5. Be open to new ways of doing things. 

You can never be sure of how something is going to pan out if you’ve never tried it before. Before assuming that something will never work, ask yourself: ‘What do I have to do to make this work?’

6. Don’t let setbacks get you down. 

Setbacks don’t mean you have failed – just that you need to try a different approach. Take feedback from the experience on board, and make changes accordingly. You can learn just as much from a mistake as you can from success.

With everything in life, having the right mindset can set you up for positivity and seeing the ‘glass half full’.  Please reach out at Healing Path Counselling Services if you would like to work on developing a growth mindset.

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