Longfield Votes Against Public Inquiry of SNC-Lavalin Scandal


Not a surprise. Another vote. Another chance to vote with values. Nope. Longfield votes party line, again.

Oh, the saga of SNC-Lavalin.  Another day. A new excuse. Trudeau said it was Harper’s fault in the Commons today. The PM did not answer questions directly nor forthrightly, yet continued his normal deflection of opposition questions with carefully crafted answers.

Political interference allegations motion sponsored by Charlie Angus died in the House of Commons today. Angus put forth a motion to call a Public Inquiry into Trudeau’s SNC-Lavalin scandal.  The Liberal party chose to continue the cover up.

The motion as it read:

“That the House: (a) call on the Prime Minister to waive solicitor-client privilege for the former Attorney General with respect to allegations of interference in the prosecution of SNC-Lavalin; and (b) urge the government to launch a public inquiry, under the Inquiries Act, in order to provide Canadians with the transparency and accountability promised by the Liberals in the 2015 election campaign.” Source: Government of Canada 

Seems simple enough and straight forward. Who would not want full transparency and accountability in our elected leaders?  Not so simple if you fall under the Liberal band wagon.

The dismaying diatribe of Trudeau in his canned and often written answers to opposition members was a circus. MP Jody Wilson-Raybould stood in the House of Commons to announce she would be abstaining from a vote calling for a public inquiry into the SNC-Lavalin affair. There was hope (to be honest, just a glimmer) that our local MP Lloyd Longfield would stand for values. Yet once again, Longfield served partisan interests and voted nay.

Well, nay should be the answer Guelph gives to Longfield’s try at second term in October.

The 2019 federal election will be an interesting one in Guelph. Longfield ran in 2015 on the coat tails of Frank Valeriote in an election that favored the Liberal Party.  He ran with a fear mongering platform that he would restore integrity, accountability, and transparency.  With a new season and another team favored to win there is incredible doubt he will make it up to bat next term.

Call it blasphemy yet does voting against a motion to provide Canadians with full disclosure become counter-intuitive when seeking a second term?

Watching Longfield talk from the PMO’s cue cards is getting tiring to watch. Seeing him tow party line is disheartening. Guelph elected a representative, not a party puppet.

Question is – how is Longfield going to spin this one? What values can he speak to when his voting record speaks the opposite?


Author Note: As this article went to press Longfield’s Facebook and other social media made no mention of this vote, yet rather a partisan update on the upcoming budget. Unicorns, glitter and butter balls do not win second terms.

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