Lights Stay on this Christmas

Thanks to Ford Government Lights Stay on this Christmas

Today, the Honorable Laurie Scott, Minister of Labor, and the Honorable Greg Rickford, Minister of Energy, Northern Development and Mines, issued the following statement on the passage of Bill 67, the Labor Relations Amendment Act (Protecting Ontario’s Power Supply), 2018: “Despite delay tactics and political games putting our electricity supply at risk in the heart of winter, the Legislature has passed Bill 67, preventing large-scale power outages across Ontario.  The people of Ontario are assured this holiday season that they will have the power they need to light up and heat their homes and businesses. Our government has been clear that we will do whatever is necessary to keep a steady supply of electricity in Ontario. And we will (above all) always put the interests of Ontarians first.”

The deadlock between OPG and the Power Workers’ Union gave life to the union issuing a strike notice which would have allowed for the shutdown of OPG’s nuclear and hydro- electric assets which produce 50 percent of Ontario’s power. Assessed by the Independent Electricity Operator which concluded Ontario would not meet consumer demand had the strike occurred, resulting in brownouts and blackouts across the province.

Future union actions should deal problems instead of waiting until Christmas which is not only obnoxious, yet a Grinch move. So, the Power Workers’ Union joined the ranks of Canada Post in public opinion.

Bill 67 introduced amendments to the Labor Relations Act, 1995 that prohibit and stop any strikes or lockouts between OPG and PWU for the current round of bargaining referring to arbitration to allow for a fair dispute resolution process.

RIckford and Scott further said, “By keeping lights and heat on, we’re protecting the health and safety of the people of Ontario.”

Thanks to the PC Party that the bill passed. The NDP opposed the bill.

OPG and the Power Workers’ Union have no grounds holding everyone hostage for their own narcissistic, self-centered greed.

Correct action. Well done!


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