Lakeside Central Brings Community Together to Celebrate Christmas

Source: Lakeside Central

Lakeside Central will be hosting a wonderful community event Friday, December 7th bringing together eight local choirs in an extravaganza choral Christmas concert. The event runs 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Lakeside Central is located at 7654 Conservation Road in Guelph.

With a community theme Lakeside organized this open community event to feature local community choirs and be a catalyst to bring the Guelph community together at Christmas. Chris Deeves of Lakeside says “Guelph is a great community, but sadly we can often isolate ourselves or become creatures of habit, where we don’t connect with different people too often.  We wanted to create a space at Lakeside where the community could come together for a common purpose of simply enjoying music of Christmas.”

Tickets are available in advance through Lakeside Central, on their Facebook page and directly through one of the local choirs taking part in the concert. Kathleen Elliot is the contact for Lakeside for questions directed through the Lakeside Central event page. Chris pointed out that the $5 fee goes directly to the choir the ticket bought from. “which was another vision for the event.  We wanted to give choirs a chance to perform without the burden of extra expense but wanted them to be able to get some extra money for whatever they need – music charts, music stands, entry fees for competitions, etc.  The money from the tickets goes directly to the choir you buy it from.”

Tickets can be purchased at the door the night of the event, and attendees can choose to support the choir of their choice or donate the five dollars to Lakeside Church as the host of the event. Those who wish to donate to Lakeside must buy tickets at the door the night of the event.

Lakeside Ministry Griefwalk will supply intermission refreshments. Griefwalk is a bereavement ministry open to the community to supply support to people who have experienced a loss. All proceeds from the refreshment sales will go directly to Griefwalk.

This event will highlight local choirs RCA-Resurrection Christian Academy, Guelph Male Choir, Silverstones, The Over Tones, Inc., Woodland Christian High School, Dublin Street United Church Chancel Choir, Bluebird, and Guelph Chamber Choir who will end the night with a massed choir finale featuring all choirs on stage. What a wonderful way to celebrate community, and an awesome end to what it promised to be a spectacular evening.

Lakeside Church designed this event with the idea and hope to be an annual event that will bring the Guelph community together at Christmas. Chris feels that “music is something that can break down barriers and differences in our community.  We look forward to bringing people together from all over our city, and surrounding area, to simply enjoy a couple of hours of music.  Guelph has such immense talent and a love of music, we wanted to be able to provide a space where that diversity and talent could be enjoyed.”

This promises a worthwhile event to bring the community together, support local choral groups and honor Christmas season.

Celebrate Christmas. Celebrate community.



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